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Dealing With Marriage Difficulties

Dealing with marriage difficulties is such a struggle when year after year the marriage problems have gone unattended. Marriage problems are often times made more difficult when a lot of little problems add up and before you know it, there are so many problems that dealing with them all become overwhelming.

What’s making dealing with marriage difficulties so painful? Is it because your spouse makes marriage seem like hell or is it you who keeps the turbulence going in your marriage?

How does it make you feel when days go by and you haven’t said but a few mumbled words out of necessity? Does it make you happy or sad when you don’t see your spouses beautiful smile over a few days?

So you have hit a little rough spot in your marriage journey. At this point in your marriage, you probably are more concerned with making your spouse suffer than you are with dealing with your marriage difficulties. It’s a dangerous place to be in marriage when being right is more important than being happy, at peace and in love.

If you are like most couples dealing with marriage problems, your heart has been worn down and your marriage is being kept afloat by a thread. It’s like a car running on fumes with no real gas left in the tank. If your marriage difficulties have gone unattended for quite some time, you probably have very little desire to refill the tank.

Well, enough with highlighting the negatives that you no doubt are dealing with. I just wanted to paint the picture of where you might be. Sometimes when you are dealing with marriage problems it’s hard to take a step back and see how things really are.

2 Tips For Dealing With Marriage Difficulties

Stop Fighting For 60 Days – If you have been at it for a while you need to take a break from insulting, disrespecting, ignoring, fighting, withholding sex and embarrassing each other. Every time you engage in this behavior you are digging a deeper hole and burying your love for one another in it. dealing with marriage difficulties

If you agree that your marriage difficulties are causing you both to hate marriage and at times detest each other, why continue to pour salt on the wound. Make it a goal to be kind, considerate, respectful and caring towards each other for at least two months. I guarantee you that both of you will feel better about each other and will make dealing with marriage difficulties much easier.

Find Out What Has Worked For Others
-Your marriage is special I’m sure but your marriage difficulties are not. There have been countless numbers of couples who have been dealing with the marriage problems you are facing. Why not use the experience of others who have been through the struggles and overcome them?

There are probably some people close to you who could give you some practical advice on solving marriage problems. I know it’s tough to open up and let others see your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. I also need to caution you to make sure you seek advice only from those you trust. They may not be wise enough to tell you what to do but at the very least you should be confident that your private information won’t be shared with others.

I hope you take action in resolving your marriage difficulties sooner rather than later. You could be days or weeks away from giving up. During difficult marriage periods spouses often times give in to their selfish desires and have an affair. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to deal with your marriage issues. To get started resolving them today, please see here; Save The Marriage

Finally, I enjoyed spending these couples of minutes with you. I wish it were under better circumstances but I hope these tips give you some relief in dealing with your marriage problems. Again, for tips and advice on marriage issues, please see here; Dealing With Marriage Difficulties


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