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Coping With An Emotional Affair

Coping With an Emotional Affair – 3 Steps to Help Bring Healing

Coping with an emotional affair can be more difficult than dealing with a physical affair, believe it or not. Although both kinds of affairs can easily breakup a relationship, an emotional affair is more about companionship, love and the heart instead of lust and physical attraction.

The emotional affair is a little more difficult to address because it usually evolves over time and a sharing or bonding develops between the two individuals and before you know it emotional needs are being met. As time goes on instead of confiding in his or her partner and drawing closer there is a distancing and disconnect that starts to happen. The person looks for companionship and emotional support outside of the existing relationship.

There are some signs that may tip you off regarding the affair underway such as; spending a significant amount of time online or sending text messages in a very private manner; keeping things away from you such as credit card bills or phone bills etc that might highlight inappropriate activities; consistently lying and about whereabouts. Although there may be suspicious activities it doesn’t confirm that your partner is having an emotional affair, but gives you a reason to take a closer look at your relationship.

So what’s the best way for coping with an emotional affair?

coping with an emotional affairWell, the first step is that you should make up in your mind and heart that you don’t want to cope with an emotional affair. To cope means to manage and I’m sure your desire is to end the emotional affair before it breaks up your relationship. So make sure you are willing to take the necessary steps to bring an end to the affair.

The second step you want to take is begin getting yourself together to deal with the situation. Despite the problems you have in your relationship your partner’s emotional affair won’t solve any of them. As you begin to look closer at your relationship and the behaviors of your partner you will probably have difficulties controlling your emotions.

I’m sure you realize that if there is an emotional affair going on it probably took some time to develop. It’s going to take some time to work through this and the more you have yourself together the easier it will be to fix the problem in your relationship.

The third step you want to take is to begin having open and honest conversations with your partner about your relationship. It’s crucial to began getting all of the cards on the table. This requires both of you speaking truthfully about what’s going on and why. It’s important not to argue and point fingers about who is at fault. The goal is not to tear each other down but to start figuring out how you can work together to fulfill all of each others needs.

It’s ok to express to your partner the hurt, pain and stress this is having on you and how you want to work together to make your relationship better than it ever was.

Coping with an emotional affair is less complicated when you have the right perspective and plan to figure out how to get your relationship back on track. There are lots of resources available to help guide you through the healing and repairing process.

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