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“Please Know That There Is Still A Chance For Saving Your Marriage (Even If You’ve Lost All Hope And Are The Only One Still Trying) – End The Fighting, Eliminate The Rejection And Stop Your Divorce – Learn Step-By-Step Exactly What To Do And Say To Save Your Marriage”

Has your spouse told you they want a divorce or they no longer feel the same way about you…They have no interest in saving your marriage…

saving your marriageI’m sorry that your marriage hasn’t measured up to your expectations or your dreams. But I’m glad that you haven’t given up hope yet. You are still trying and that’s more than most struggling couples are doing at this point.

Please believe with all of your heart and soul that restoring your broken relationship is very much possible.

Once you believe that your marriage is worth saving and the last thing you want to happen is for you to end up divorced, you will be able to better face the challenges and obstacles keeping you from a happy and healthy marriage. You probably have thought about leaving or getting a divorce attorney but if you can bury those thoughts for now and focus on staying together and not breaking up then your chances of keeping your marriage together will be much higher.

There are many times when spouses realize that there are problems in their marriage but have no idea how serious the situation is. Until it gets to the critical stage they don’t even think about how to save their marriage. Unfortunately, sometimes spouses never take the time to understand what’s going wrong in the marriage until it’s too late.

Marriage break-ups where a spouse is unaware of the seriousness of the problem is not uncommon but it does not mean that the marriage is over. It may appear to be the case when a spouse has already packed up and split.

So you are probably wondering how in the world is this possible and what has to be done to save a marriage from ending in divorce.

What is needed is a plan
(a plan to save your marriage and family…)

In most cases the marriage is not over. What the leaving spouse really wanted was for problems in the marriage to be resolved. The marriage gets to that breaking point when there are too many unresolved problems or when they hang around too long and there is no hope for change.

What’s required to save the marriage is for spouses (one or both of them) to do something differently. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

One positive thing you can and should do is improve your communication to help you with saving your marriage. The tips discussed on the following video will help you.

So where do you begin to start saving your marriage?

If you are serious about Saving Your Marriage;

First you need to understand that you will have to uncover the problems that pushed your spouse away and figure out how to deal with them. A good self examination or looking in the mirror would be a good place to start.

Second, you need to avoid doing the following in your attempts to save your marriage:

  1. Begging your spouse to come home
  2. Telling your spouse you will change
  3. Sending text messages, emailing or calling frequently
  4. Using guilt as a weapon to get your spouse to return

Here’s the problem with these four almost too common mistakes…

Common Mistake Number One…

First of all, if your spouse wanted to come home he or she would not have left in the first place.

Asking your spouse to come home would be asking them to admit that he or she made a bad decision. It would be admitting that the problems in the marriage were not that serious.

Instead what you should do after a couple of days has gone bye is let your spouse know that you understand why he or she left. You know there are things that should have been corrected in your marriage which weren’t and you feel sorry for not making the changes.

Next you should let your spouse know that you do not want a divorce, and confirm that you understand that very serious changes are necessary for you to make your marriage work. Also, let your spouse know you don’t blame them for packing up and leaving.

Common Mistake Number Two…

Second, telling your spouse that you will change after years of promising but failing to change. Your spouse will think you are desperate and will say or do anything. What you need to do show not claim you will change but using tools and strategies you can learn at “Save The Marriage” implement them, and convince your spouse that it’s worth saving your marriage.

Common Mistake Number Three…

The third thing you want to avoid is excess contact. If your spouse made the decision to break up your marriage the last thing he or she wants to be is harassed. Initially you only want to talk with your spouse if he or she wants to talk. If your spouse needs to vent at you to unload some pent up anger, listen carefully, without getting into an argument. Be gentle and humble.

You should open up with your spouse and ask open ended questions to get communications flowing. You will learn a lot by engaging in such conversations.

Common Mistake Number Four…

The fourth issue you should avoid is trying to make your spouse feel guilty for tearing up the family. It’s true that your spouse is the one who left but on;y as a last resort. What you need to do is take responsibility for your role in driving your spouse away. It’s easy to try and play the guilt trip but resist the temptation.

By avoiding these four mistakes you will have an easier time getting your spouse to see your sincerity in trying to save your marriage.

Because if you make any of these mistakes it will usually put your spouse in a defensive mode and stir up negative feelings and remind them why they left in the first place.

The best way to work on saving your marriage today or getting back the marriage you deserve is to invest some time in getting tools, tips and strategies to help you;

  • Understand what to do but more importantly what not to do
  • How to communicate with your spouse during this difficult time
  • Resources to help you uncover what caused your spouse to leave and how to change so it doesn’t happen again

A great place to get started to saving your marriage today is by digging a little deeper and getting and implementing advice which has helped save thousands of marriages.

Just remember, time is of the essence! Don’t wait too long to get the help you need to get back your spouse, family and marriage your desire. Please click on the link or banner below to begin saving your marriage today.

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