Coping With A Cheating Husband

Coping With A Cheating Husband And Healing Your Broken Heart

coping with a cheating husbandI know that coping with a cheating husband is very painful and stressful. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and anyone else who is struggling with overcoming infidelity by a cheating husband. I hope this helps you in some way shape or form in your recovery process.

I don’t know how you found out that your husband has been cheating but I assume you have proof. If not I would like to encourage you to make sure that it’s true and not just base it on your suspicions or feelings. There are many steps you can take such as examining phone bills, credit card bills, car mileage, places he hangs out, emails and websites he frequents, etc., to catch him. If he is like most cheating husbands he won’t be able to hide it for long.

Once you are sure your husband is having an affair, one of the first things I would suggest you do is make up in your mind that you will not make any decisions while you are pissed off at him. Don’t say it’s over and leave before you have taken any steps to sort things out. If you do, you may regret it in the future.

Now, clearly your cheating husband needs to understand that this is not high school and he will not be seeing this other person and still be married to you. Please make it clear that you don’t care about his feelings or desires to let this other woman down gently or with respect. I would suggest that if he hasn’t ended the affair then he has 24 hours to do so.

It’s important that you set the rules if coping with a cheating husband is going to work for your situation. Here are some tips;

  • Your husband must answer any and all questions that you have regarding the affair.
  • Once he confirms that the affair is over he should not be in contact with the other woman. If there is some reason to communicate with her it should be after consultation with you.
  • Your husband should agree that he needs to earn your trust and respect back again. If he doesn’t agree then he probably is not convinced that he has done wrong.
  • Your cheating husband must be OK with the fact that things will not get back to normal until you have had time to deal with your feelings of anger, resentment, shock and disappointment.

Coping with a cheating husband will require you to perhaps make some changes as well. You may have shied away from confrontation in the past or perhaps conveniently withheld your feelings when discussing marital issues. The one thing that you both need to make coping with your husband’s affair a distant memory is honesty and transparency.

If you are having a difficult time coping with your husband’s cheating, please take a moment and follow the advice of someone who has been in your shoes, knows the pain you are feeling and was able to heal her broken heart. See here for help with dealing with your husband’s cheating;

Coping With A Cheating Husband

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