Restoring Your Relationship in 2018

First off, I’m so sorry that you are heading into a New Year carrying with you the need of restoring your relationship. No words can comfort you or reduce your pain, but I hope over the next few days, weeks and months you begin to see that life does go on. In the midst of your struggles, you will find strength and courage to restore your relationship.

One of the keys to restoring your relationship is being honest with yourself and your partner. The problem is that once you are struggling in your relationship, life becomes a big blur. It’s like you begin living in a fog. You lose track of days and what’s important. Living with such stress is no doubt difficult but not impossible.

My suggestion is that you take baby steps on your road to recovery and try not to expect too much in the beginning. Lower your expectations and let the restoration happen in its due time.

I have no doubt that you can restore your relationship if you and your partner both want to. The key is that you both have to want to repair your relationship. If only one person wants to reconcile the relationship, it won’t work. Also, for a successful recovery, it’s critical that both individuals are committed to doing whatever it takes, to heal the brokenness.

It’s a proven fact that any broken relationship can be repaired. It doesn’t matter how many other people you know or have read about where their relationship ended in a bitter divorce. The only relationship that matters is yours.

Do you want to restore your relationship? Does your partner want to restore your relationship? If the answer is yes and yes, then you are already on the right path to rebuilding your relationship.

Since we have crossed over into a New Year, you should think of this month as a new beginning. Look forward and not to the past. Give your heart and mind time to heal and then start taking steps to fix and rebuild your relationship.

First, reconnect emotionally and then physically. Become friends again before you become lovers again. Restoring your relationship is possible and will happen to you, if you and your partner are ready, willing and able.

Marriage Advice After Infidelity

I’m sorry that you are seeking marriage advice after infidelity. There is nothing you will face in a marriage, besides death, that will hurt more than infidelity. I wish I could take some of your pain away. Perhaps you are harboring hateful and angry feelings towards your cheating spouse. I wish I could help you release some of your pain and anger. I hope the following marriage advice regarding infidelity will help you.

Marriage Tips After Infidelity Is Uncovered

Don’t Blame Yourself – It’s very easy to blame yourself for your spouses’ cheating. As heroic as it may seem, taking responsibility for your spouses’ blunder is wrong. You may have played a role in the marriage problems you have but you didn’t force your spouse to cheat. Your spouse is an adult and knows the difference between right and wrong. Don’t let your spouse make you feel like it is your fault. Sure you may have done some things wrong and given the chance you might do things differently. But don’t accept all of the blame.

Keep Your Emotions In Check – Once you find out about the affair, it’s important to maintain your emotions. You will be stressed and pressed to keep your life from falling apart. Stress is unhealthy and dangerous. You might find yourself wanting to strangle your spouse one day and the next day curling up in the bed and shedding tears for hours. Some spouses feel too embarrassed or ashamed if others find out about the affair. The spouses who are able to manage their emotions on a day-to-day basis are more like to stay together.

Get All Of Your Questions Answered – It is very important that you get the information concerning your spouses affair out in the open. The fewer facts you know, the more your imagination will run wild and your emotions will be hard to manage. If you need more detailed information concerning the affair, make sure your spouse gives it to you. Unanswered questions will comeback to haunt you. You will never be able to heal your marriage if you have questions or outstanding doubts.

Seeking marriage advice after infidelity is unfortunate but necessary. Just because you feel as though your marriage is over, it doesn’t mean that it is. You have a lot of involvement in deciding what happens next.

  • Do you leave now and move on with your life
  • Should you give your spouse time to get his or her life straightened out
  • How long before you forgive and love your spouse again

I applaud you for searching for marriage advice after infidelity. I know it is not easy and at times you feel like giving up. Please know that you can make it through this painful period. Many others have walked down the same road you are traveling on now. They made the right decisions and are now experiencing love and trust again. You should be the next couple who overcame marriage infidelity. Please start your healing and restoration process today.

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Surviving Valentines Day Alone

Valentines Day is one of the happiest days of the year for some individuals but unfortunately brings great sadness to many. It isn’t the missing flowers or chocolates or diamonds that brings the sadness. You see, many individuals can go out and buy those things. What brings the sadness is the feeling of loneliness and emptiness. Spending Valentines Day alone is a struggle for so many.Valentines Day

You can reduce the stress levels around Valentines Day by simply doing some things that you enjoy doing. Don’t shy away from being you. There is nothing wrong with not being in a serious relationship on Valentines Day. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. There are many people who will pretend to be in love for this one day. There will be dancing and flowers and romantic music for the day. There may even be some forced romance on this day. However, 24 hours later there will be a return to normalcy.

Quite honestly I would rather be happily single than miserably involved with someone I didn’t really want to be with. Being in a relationship just because it’s expected is difficult.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are billions of couples happily intertwined and they enjoy being together 365 days of the year. We should celebrate their togetherness and wish them continued success.

What you need to do is make sure that you are not comparing your life to others and getting down on yourself as a result.

Valentines Day

The key to surviving Valentines Day alone is to get to the point where you are happy with yourself. Once you are content with decisions you are making in your life you will be able to accept life’s challenges.

If you are depressed with your life choices and not able to see the glass as half full, you will struggle with being alone on Valentines Day.

It’s nice to have a soul-mate and I’m sure that you will meet and connect with the right person one day. Maybe an old love will return to your life. Perhaps you will meet your future significant other at work, in the mall or at the park. People connect each and every day. I’m a true believer that there is someone for everyone. It’s just a matter of being open and able to recognize when that individual crosses your path.

Surviving Valentines Day or week in most cases is easy if you are satisfied with yourself. Don’t feel pressured or depressed if you are alone on this day. Love yourself and be confident that you are a perfect match for someone and it’s just a matter of time before you connect with your soul-mate.

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10 Questions To Gauge If Your Spouse Will Cheat This Year

I know your marriage isn’t perfect because there are no perfect people or marriages. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and fulfilled in your marriage. Lurking in the shadows though is that ugly little marriage wrecker known as infidelity. It can strike at any moment and in the wink of an eye cause pain and bitterness never experienced before.

Infidelity is not particular on who or how or where. It can hit couples married for hours, days, months, years or decades. If you care the least bit about your spouse and marriage, you must wonder from time to time if infidelity will strike your marriage. If you have never been concerned about cheating, I worry about you. You might be in denial. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to determine if your spouse will cheat on you?

I’m not a fortune teller and make no claims to be able to see into the future. However, based on my research and experiences I think I have a good idea when a spouse will cheat. I have compiled a list below to help you gauge if infidelity will seep into your marriage.

  1. Does you spouse love you or tolerate you?
  2. Is there someone your husband seems to be making a connection with?
  3. Do you find that your physical interactions are declining each month and year?
  4. Can you recall the last three times you had fun being with your spouse?
  5. Are there days that go by without the two of you having meaningful conversations?
  6. Is it difficult to be romantic with your spouse?
  7. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your spouse’s happiness with your relationship?
  8. Is someone pursuing your spouse?
  9. Have you fallen out of love?
  10. Are you happiest when you are apart from one another?

So, now that you have read through the questions, how do you feel? If you are feeling pretty good about your relationship, you should worry but not as much as someone who feels distraught after reading through the questions.

I hope you aren’t too stressed out right now. That is not the purpose of this article. What I’m hoping that you gain from reading this is 2 things.

  1. That there are signs you need to pay attention to if you want to avoid infidelity in your marriage.
  2. You should probably be working on improving certain areas in your relationship.

Understanding your vulnerabilities can be very helpful in ensuring that infidelity doesn’t find its way into your marriage. The one thing you don’t want to do is ignore the signs. If you pay attention to your relationship, you will know when things are not as they should be. That’s when infidelity has the best chance of breaking up your marriage. There generally isn’t one thing that leads to an affair but rather a number of issues in the relationship.

So, the question is, “Will your spouse cheat”?

I hope the answer is no. There are things you can do to strengthen your marriage and relationship. If your head is hung low and you are struggling to have the kind of marriage you once dreamed of, you need to work on your marriage starting today. For more help on avoiding cheating in your marriage, see here; Saving Your Marriage

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Marriage Trouble – When Your Marriage Might Be In Trouble

Marriage trouble is not a question of if but when. Marriage can be great if you are blessed with the right person for you or hellish if you made the biggest mistake of your life. Of course there is an in-between but it for the most part just depends on how long you have been married. If you are only a few years into to it you’re just figuring things out. If you are 5 to 7 years into it you’re probably trying to figure out how to get out of it. Some folks are of the opinion that if you make it past 10 years you’ve got a shot to go the distance.

Let’s be honest about your marriage. I’m guessing you really had no idea what you were doing. You were so blinded by love or lust that you headed into marriage with blinders on. I believe that’s how most of us entered into matrimony. Our thinking was, were in love and that’s all that matters. Unfortunately as the song in the 80’s stated, “Whats love got to do with it, it’s just a second hand emotion?” Is this really true? Is love just a second hand emotion?

marriage troubleThere are some signs that might give you a clue that your marriage is in trouble. I have listed some random thoughts below for your reading pleasure about marriage trouble. They are in no particular order but rather as they popped into my mind. I hope none of these are present in your relationship.

Marriage Trouble

  • Your spouse never hugs or kisses you anymore
  • You read an intimate text message on your spouse’s phone
  • If your spouse showers and sprays perfume or cologne before heading to the gym
  • When you get a call from someone asking who you are (probably a jealous affair partner)
  • If your spouse shows very little concern over health issues you are dealing with
  • When your spouse is trying to hide expenses from you
  • If your marital problems are being posted on social media sites
  • Your birthday and anniversary are unimportant to your spouse
  • When your spouse repeatedly makes financial decisions without your input
  • Your spouse gives the appearance of being single when you are out in public together, refusing to hold hands or acknowledge that you are together
  • If you or your spouse gets a kick out of doing mean things
  • If you are happy when you are apart and depressed when you are together
  • When physical abuse is present in the relationship
  • Small arguments lead to a comment about getting a divorce
  • Your spouse spends the night away from home not on a business trip
  • You fight on a daily basis
  • Everyone else sees you have relationship problems but you overlook them

Obviously there are many signs that should give you clues that something is wrong with your relationship. Take heart that no marriage is perfect. However, the first step in dealing with marriage problems is admitting you have some. Once you get past step one, you can move forward on eliminating them, one by one.

If you are struggling with your marriage, please read more on saving your marriage here;
Saving Your Marriage

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How To Be A Better Wife

I admire you for researching how to be a better wife. It takes a bit of humbleness to admit that you have room for improvement. We all have some amount of pride that gets in the way of taking ownership of our role in making our relationships better. I guarantee that if you work on being a better wife your marriage will be better. It doesn’t mean that your husband will acknowledge or even appreciate your effort. However, don’t let that stop you from doing your part.

How To Be A Better Wife

  1. Tell Your Husband About Your Plan – It helps sometimes for your husband to know how you feel. If you don’t think you have been the best wife you could be, confess this to your husband. If he has any common sense he will appreciate the fact that you are admitting you are not perfect.
  2. Don’t Expect Anything From Your Husband – Your husband may or may not feel as though he has any room for improvement. In fact, he might think that if you are a better wife, your marriage will be perfect. Don’t change just because you want your husband to change.
  3. Give Yourself Time To Change – Old habits are hard to break. Just because you fall back into habits you have held for years, don’t beat yourself up. As long as you are getting better and exchanging old bad habits for new healthier ones, you are on the right path.
  4. Focus On One Issue At A Time – You might have one issue or you might have ten. Try to concur one at a time. Perhaps you have control issues, you are easily angered by the small stuff and you like flip out when your husband doesn’t listen to you. You could work on how you react to your husbands behavior but to try to do that and communicate better and be more conscious of how money is spent would probably result in you failing at trying to be a better wife.

Learning how to be a better wife is really quite easy. If you focus on yourself rather than your husband’s many faults you will succeed. He might not appreciate the new and improved you and there could be some changes he dislikes. The best point I can make is that if things aren’t quite right in your marriage you need to try and fix them. Doing nothing is the worst thing you can do. Work on being a better wife should by default improve your marriage. For other tips on improving your marriage, please see here; Saving Your Marriage

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Restoring Your Marriage And Avoiding Divorce

restoring your marriageIs restoring your marriage something you have been struggling to do? Well, I hope you are making progress and not letting your frustrations and marriage issues keep you from restoring the love and bond that can give you a renewed hope and a restored marriage.

Divorce is never pretty and is rarely the best option. In fact, short of mental or physical abuse situations where counseling could not heal the broken marriage, then there really isn’t a good reason to divorce.

So, how can you restore your marriage and put off the divorce? Well, what are you willing to do to keep your marriage?

Are you willing to fight for to restore your marriage? I’m not talking about fighting with your spouse to get your way in the marriage. I’m talking about humbling yourself and putting aside your interest for the sake of restoring your marriage.

Are you willing to stop arguing to restore your marriage? It’s difficult to resist hammering your spouse on any and every issue when you are tired and frustrated. You can find yourself arguing over dinner plans, family visits, purchases or anything else. Can you commit to letting your spouse argue with his or herself for the time being?

Can you ask your spouse to forgive you to restore your marriage? If you have not been perfect (and none of us are) there are probably a few areas you have let your spouse down in your marriage recently. Have you been unfaithful? Have you been a nightmare to live with? Have you used your tongue or bank account to punish your spouse for making your married life difficult? Whatever, you have been doing or not doing, can you bring yourself to asking for forgiveness?

Would your marriage survive if you asked for a truce? It’s hard to save a marriage when you are in the heat of battle. I’m sure your spouse is probably as tired and frustrated as you are and could benefit from a break in trying to bring your marriage to an end. Why not ask him or her to put things on hold and see how things are 2 months from now.

Is forgiving your spouse or asking for forgiveness in areas of broken vows, trust, or confidence something that has been missing? If you or your spouse has been unfaithful it doesn’t mean that divorce is inevitable. If you want to save your marriage, it’s just another obstacle. You won’t be the first couple able to save their marriage under this stressful situation.

So, the question is, are you really ready to begin restoring your marriage? Can you put aside the fight plan you have been following and take a different approach? Please note that nothing I mentioned above is to be viewed as surrendering. What it really represents is a change in mindset and heart. To save your marriage, it will be necessary to use a different strategy. You can find out more about how this can be done by visiting here; Restoring Your Marriage

Do you have what it takes to save your marriage? I hope you at least give it one more shot. If it doesn’t work out you can feel assured that you gave it your all. I think it will work out though. Again, for more tips on saving your marriage, read here; Restore Your Marriage

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Coping With A Cheating Husband

Coping With A Cheating Husband And Healing Your Broken Heart

coping with a cheating husbandI know that coping with a cheating husband is very painful and stressful. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and anyone else who is struggling with overcoming infidelity by a cheating husband. I hope this helps you in some way shape or form in your recovery process.

I don’t know how you found out that your husband has been cheating but I assume you have proof. If not I would like to encourage you to make sure that it’s true and not just base it on your suspicions or feelings. There are many steps you can take such as examining phone bills, credit card bills, car mileage, places he hangs out, emails and websites he frequents, etc., to catch him. If he is like most cheating husbands he won’t be able to hide it for long.

Once you are sure your husband is having an affair, one of the first things I would suggest you do is make up in your mind that you will not make any decisions while you are pissed off at him. Don’t say it’s over and leave before you have taken any steps to sort things out. If you do, you may regret it in the future.

Now, clearly your cheating husband needs to understand that this is not high school and he will not be seeing this other person and still be married to you. Please make it clear that you don’t care about his feelings or desires to let this other woman down gently or with respect. I would suggest that if he hasn’t ended the affair then he has 24 hours to do so.

It’s important that you set the rules if coping with a cheating husband is going to work for your situation. Here are some tips;

  • Your husband must answer any and all questions that you have regarding the affair.
  • Once he confirms that the affair is over he should not be in contact with the other woman. If there is some reason to communicate with her it should be after consultation with you.
  • Your husband should agree that he needs to earn your trust and respect back again. If he doesn’t agree then he probably is not convinced that he has done wrong.
  • Your cheating husband must be OK with the fact that things will not get back to normal until you have had time to deal with your feelings of anger, resentment, shock and disappointment.

Coping with a cheating husband will require you to perhaps make some changes as well. You may have shied away from confrontation in the past or perhaps conveniently withheld your feelings when discussing marital issues. The one thing that you both need to make coping with your husband’s affair a distant memory is honesty and transparency.

If you are having a difficult time coping with your husband’s cheating, please take a moment and follow the advice of someone who has been in your shoes, knows the pain you are feeling and was able to heal her broken heart. See here for help with dealing with your husband’s cheating;

Coping With A Cheating Husband

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Advice For Relationships

Finding good advice for relationships is frustrating at times. Of course there is plenty of advice available but finding help or advice that’s right for your situation is the key. You know that many folks have the desire to help you fix your marriage but unfortunately not everyone has the wisdom to give you sound advice for relationships.

So, for the sake of writing this article I’m going to focus on providing advice for couples that’s practical and useful.

Your relationship probably started out with a bang but is now fading slowly but surely into the abyss. It doesn’t matter how long you have been at odds with each other because the important thing is not where you have been but where you are headed in your relationship.

Advice For Relationships # 1 – Find the good in each other

So often couples looking for relationship advice overlook the very obvious and that is to look at the positives and not just the negatives in the relationship. Once couples get set in their ways it’s hard to get them out of their dysfunctional behaviors. Perhaps you and your partner struggle with finding any good in each other or your relationship. A good place to start restoring your broken relationship is to start focusing on the good things and not just what’s wrong with your relationship.

Advice For Relationships # 2 – Don’t wait for your partner to change

Many of us want to change our relationship but deep down inside what we really want is the other person to change. If only he or she would see things my way we would be perfect together. That’s what I hear many couples saying and it’s the wrong approach to take. My advice is that if you want your relationship to change take ownership of your own changes and start to make them. Don’t wait for your partner to change before you start to do things to improve your relationship. Why not take the lead and let your partner follow your lead?

Advice For Relationships # 3 – Listen carefully and be slow to speak

Have you ever been in a conversation with your partner and realize after a lengthy discussion that you really weren’t paying attention? Sure you had a conversation but you were so determined to win the argument or defend your position that you really weren’t listening. What happens is that although our partner is hurting and trying to get us to see behind the words we are blinded by our pride, ego and selfishness.

By treating our partner like a debating colleague we invalidate their opinions and in effect them. My advice is for your relationship to improve, think before you speak and listen to not just the words but what your soul mate is trying to get you to understand.

I’m sure that your relationship problems have not been easy to deal with and at times have made you want to give up. My advice for you is simply don’t do it. Don’t give up yet.

Please take a moment and read more about how to restore love, trust and respect in your relationship. It will take you just a few minutes but it could change the rest of your life. Just click on the link below to have a look.

Advice For Relationships Restoring Love

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Restoring A Broken Marriage – A Few Helpful Tips

Restoring a broken marriage when you are confused, frustrated and unsure about the future is scary. If you are like most married couples you started off pretty good in your marriage. You were able to overlook offenses and mistakes. Although you didn’t agree on everything it was no big deal because love concurred all. There was little doubt that your marriage would be great. Unfortunately some time has passed, reality has set in and now you looking for a few tips on restoring a broken marriage.

Well, very often as time goes by couples drift apart and things that previously were overlooked are now annoying and frustrating. What used to be cute and make your heart flutter now makes you aggravated and your stomach turn. Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme but I think you get the point. Things just aren’t the same and restoring a broken marriage is now your desire.

Restoring A Broken Marriage

Obviously one of the keys to fixing a broken marriage is, understanding the underlying problems and finding a way to compromise on resolving them. You could find that you are trying to restore your marriage but not seeing the results you expected to see. It’s probably not due to a lack of trying on your part. It could be that the things you are focusing on are not exactly the best things to try to fix at this time. Obviously, if your spouse is not willing to work on reconciling your relationship it makes it that much harder.

There are some marriage problems that are more difficult to overcome than others. If there has been a marriage breakdown as a result of infidelity then there are some trust restoring issues that need to be dealt with. It’s also necessary for forgiveness to be experienced by both the one who committed adultery and also the one who was offended.

A good place to start in restoring your broken marriage is acknowledging where you stand. There is no need to continue masking your problems and prolong dealing with them. I know sometimes it’s easier to hold back and hope that problems go away but in all likelihood if you let the problems go unresolved then they will grow and be more difficult to overcome. The key is to not have a confrontation but a gentle and peaceful conversation about the issues that are keeping you from having a great relationship. Don’t make it a finger pointing discussion but rather a confession from the heart.

Restoring your broken relationship or marriage requires you to set aside your personal wants and desires for the good of your marriage. It’s pretty much the easiest and fastest way to move past your current problems. Don’t let your pride and ego get in the way of restoring your marriage.

If your marriage is in trouble and you want additional guidance please see here; marriage breakdown or help in marriage.

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