Advice For Relationships

Finding good advice for relationships is frustrating at times. Of course there is plenty of advice available but finding help or advice that’s right for your situation is the key. You know that many folks have the desire to help you fix your marriage but unfortunately not everyone has the wisdom to give you sound advice for relationships.

So, for the sake of writing this article I’m going to focus on providing advice for couples that’s practical and useful.

Your relationship probably started out with a bang but is now fading slowly but surely into the abyss. It doesn’t matter how long you have been at odds with each other because the important thing is not where you have been but where you are headed in your relationship.

Advice For Relationships # 1 – Find the good in each other

So often couples looking for relationship advice overlook the very obvious and that is to look at the positives and not just the negatives in the relationship. Once couples get set in their ways it’s hard to get them out of their dysfunctional behaviors. Perhaps you and your partner struggle with finding any good in each other or your relationship. A good place to start restoring your broken relationship is to start focusing on the good things and not just what’s wrong with your relationship.

Advice For Relationships # 2 – Don’t wait for your partner to change

Many of us want to change our relationship but deep down inside what we really want is the other person to change. If only he or she would see things my way we would be perfect together. That’s what I hear many couples saying and it’s the wrong approach to take. My advice is that if you want your relationship to change take ownership of your own changes and start to make them. Don’t wait for your partner to change before you start to do things to improve your relationship. Why not take the lead and let your partner follow your lead?

Advice For Relationships # 3 – Listen carefully and be slow to speak

Have you ever been in a conversation with your partner and realize after a lengthy discussion that you really weren’t paying attention? Sure you had a conversation but you were so determined to win the argument or defend your position that you really weren’t listening. What happens is that although our partner is hurting and trying to get us to see behind the words we are blinded by our pride, ego and selfishness.

By treating our partner like a debating colleague we invalidate their opinions and in effect them. My advice is for your relationship to improve, think before you speak and listen to not just the words but what your soul mate is trying to get you to understand.

I’m sure that your relationship problems have not been easy to deal with and at times have made you want to give up. My advice for you is simply don’t do it. Don’t give up yet.

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Advice For Relationships Restoring Love

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