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Marriage Advice After Infidelity

I’m sorry that you are seeking marriage advice after infidelity. There is nothing you will face in a marriage, besides death, that will hurt more than infidelity. I wish I could take some of your pain away. Perhaps you are harboring hateful and angry feelings towards your cheating spouse. I wish I could help you release some of your pain and anger. I hope the following marriage advice regarding infidelity will help you.

Marriage Tips After Infidelity Is Uncovered

Don’t Blame Yourself – It’s very easy to blame yourself for your spouses’ cheating. As heroic as it may seem, taking responsibility for your spouses’ blunder is wrong. You may have played a role in the marriage problems you have but you didn’t force your spouse to cheat. Your spouse is an adult and knows the difference between right and wrong. Don’t let your spouse make you feel like it is your fault. Sure you may have done some things wrong and given the chance you might do things differently. But don’t accept all of the blame.

Keep Your Emotions In Check – Once you find out about the affair, it’s important to maintain your emotions. You will be stressed and pressed to keep your life from falling apart. Stress is unhealthy and dangerous. You might find yourself wanting to strangle your spouse one day and the next day curling up in the bed and shedding tears for hours. Some spouses feel too embarrassed or ashamed if others find out about the affair. The spouses who are able to manage their emotions on a day-to-day basis are more like to stay together.

Get All Of Your Questions Answered – It is very important that you get the information concerning your spouses affair out in the open. The fewer facts you know, the more your imagination will run wild and your emotions will be hard to manage. If you need more detailed information concerning the affair, make sure your spouse gives it to you. Unanswered questions will comeback to haunt you. You will never be able to heal your marriage if you have questions or outstanding doubts.

Seeking marriage advice after infidelity is unfortunate but necessary. Just because you feel as though your marriage is over, it doesn’t mean that it is. You have a lot of involvement in deciding what happens next.

  • Do you leave now and move on with your life
  • Should you give your spouse time to get his or her life straightened out
  • How long before you forgive and love your spouse again

I applaud you for searching for marriage advice after infidelity. I know it is not easy and at times you feel like giving up. Please know that you can make it through this painful period. Many others have walked down the same road you are traveling on now. They made the right decisions and are now experiencing love and trust again. You should be the next couple who overcame marriage infidelity. Please start your healing and restoration process today.

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Surviving Valentines Day Alone

Valentines Day is one of the happiest days of the year for some individuals but unfortunately brings great sadness to many. It isn’t the missing flowers or chocolates or diamonds that brings the sadness. You see, many individuals can go out and buy those things. What brings the sadness is the feeling of loneliness and emptiness. Spending Valentines Day alone is a struggle for so many.Valentines Day

You can reduce the stress levels around Valentines Day by simply doing some things that you enjoy doing. Don’t shy away from being you. There is nothing wrong with not being in a serious relationship on Valentines Day. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. There are many people who will pretend to be in love for this one day. There will be dancing and flowers and romantic music for the day. There may even be some forced romance on this day. However, 24 hours later there will be a return to normalcy.

Quite honestly I would rather be happily single than miserably involved with someone I didn’t really want to be with. Being in a relationship just because it’s expected is difficult.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are billions of couples happily intertwined and they enjoy being together 365 days of the year. We should celebrate their togetherness and wish them continued success.

What you need to do is make sure that you are not comparing your life to others and getting down on yourself as a result.

Valentines Day

The key to surviving Valentines Day alone is to get to the point where you are happy with yourself. Once you are content with decisions you are making in your life you will be able to accept life’s challenges.

If you are depressed with your life choices and not able to see the glass as half full, you will struggle with being alone on Valentines Day.

It’s nice to have a soul-mate and I’m sure that you will meet and connect with the right person one day. Maybe an old love will return to your life. Perhaps you will meet your future significant other at work, in the mall or at the park. People connect each and every day. I’m a true believer that there is someone for everyone. It’s just a matter of being open and able to recognize when that individual crosses your path.

Surviving Valentines Day or week in most cases is easy if you are satisfied with yourself. Don’t feel pressured or depressed if you are alone on this day. Love yourself and be confident that you are a perfect match for someone and it’s just a matter of time before you connect with your soul-mate.

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