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10 Questions To Gauge If Your Spouse Will Cheat This Year

I know your marriage isn’t perfect because there are no perfect people or marriages. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and fulfilled in your marriage. Lurking in the shadows though is that ugly little marriage wrecker known as infidelity. It can strike at any moment and in the wink of an eye cause pain and bitterness never experienced before.

Infidelity is not particular on who or how or where. It can hit couples married for hours, days, months, years or decades. If you care the least bit about your spouse and marriage, you must wonder from time to time if infidelity will strike your marriage. If you have never been concerned about cheating, I worry about you. You might be in denial. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to determine if your spouse will cheat on you?

I’m not a fortune teller and make no claims to be able to see into the future. However, based on my research and experiences I think I have a good idea when a spouse will cheat. I have compiled a list below to help you gauge if infidelity will seep into your marriage.

  1. Does you spouse love you or tolerate you?
  2. Is there someone your husband seems to be making a connection with?
  3. Do you find that your physical interactions are declining each month and year?
  4. Can you recall the last three times you had fun being with your spouse?
  5. Are there days that go by without the two of you having meaningful conversations?
  6. Is it difficult to be romantic with your spouse?
  7. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your spouse’s happiness with your relationship?
  8. Is someone pursuing your spouse?
  9. Have you fallen out of love?
  10. Are you happiest when you are apart from one another?

So, now that you have read through the questions, how do you feel? If you are feeling pretty good about your relationship, you should worry but not as much as someone who feels distraught after reading through the questions.

I hope you aren’t too stressed out right now. That is not the purpose of this article. What I’m hoping that you gain from reading this is 2 things.

  1. That there are signs you need to pay attention to if you want to avoid infidelity in your marriage.
  2. You should probably be working on improving certain areas in your relationship.

Understanding your vulnerabilities can be very helpful in ensuring that infidelity doesn’t find its way into your marriage. The one thing you don’t want to do is ignore the signs. If you pay attention to your relationship, you will know when things are not as they should be. That’s when infidelity has the best chance of breaking up your marriage. There generally isn’t one thing that leads to an affair but rather a number of issues in the relationship.

So, the question is, “Will your spouse cheat”?

I hope the answer is no. There are things you can do to strengthen your marriage and relationship. If your head is hung low and you are struggling to have the kind of marriage you once dreamed of, you need to work on your marriage starting today. For more help on avoiding cheating in your marriage, see here; Saving Your Marriage

This entry was posted on January 18, 2016.